JOGA Logo Mark

The Japan Organic Germanium Association “JOGA” Logo Mark is an accreditation mark that certifies that the Organic Germanium product has met safety standard set by Japan Organic Germanium Association. To use JOGA Logo Mark on product label, a manufacturer or seller is required to submit the product detail to JOGA that determines that the product meets the safety standard. The accredited product can have the JOGA Logo Mark with the statement explaining the accreditation.

General Guidelines for use of JOGA Logo Mark

  1. The Japan Organic Germanium Association’s logo and any marks associated with the Association are the property of the Association and are protected by copyrights.
  2. Use of the JOGA logo must be immediately discontinued across all platforms when Japan Organic Germanium Association membership is not renewed/cancelled/terminated.
  3. The logo must be displayed in a positive manner. It may not be used to depict JOGA or any of its members, services, products, or affiliates in a negative way.
  4. Each logo design must be used for its stated purpose.
  5. The logo must indicate that it is being displayed by a member of Japan Organic Germanium Association.

Logo usage guidelines

  • Resized as long as the original proportions are unchanged is allowed.
  • Taken apart or combined with other design elements are not allowed.
  • The logo may not be altered, modified, or obscured in any way.