About Japan Organic Germanium Association

The Japan Organic Germanium Association “JOGA” provides information about health benefits of Organic Germanium, the scientific information, latest research, safety information, and public awareness for fake Germanium which may be harmful for overall health.

The purpose of Japan Organic Germanium Association “JOGA” is to protect and develop the integrity of safe Organic Germanium for oral intake and the awareness against fake Organic Germanium. The Japan Organic Germanium Association is fully compliant with regulations set by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan “MHLW”.

What is Organic Germanium

Organic Germanium or Organogermanium Germanium GE132 is a chemical element. It’s widely use for health benefits. Germanium is present in all living plant and animal matter in micro-trace quantities. Its therapeutic attributes include immuno-enhancement, oxygen enrichment, free radical scavenging, analgesia and heavy metal detoxification.

Toxicological studies document The Organic Germanium’s rapid absorption and elimination from the body, and its safety. Clinical trials and use in private practices have demonstrated Organic Germanium’s efficacy in treating a wide range of health problems.